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Beautiful_Leaves BG.jpg Environmental Norms -Boiler

Small Boilers
All those industries making use of liquid fuels or coal or both must install necessary Air Pollution Control Devices so as to ensure that the discharge in to Air is confirming to the standards mention hereunder: 
Steam generation capacity (tonne/hour) Particulate matter emission (mg/Nm3)
Less than 2
2 to less than 10
10 to less than 15
15 and above


* to meet the respective standards, cyclone/multicyclone is recommended as control equipment 
with the boiler

** to meet the standard, bag filter/ESP is recommended as control equipment with the boiler

1. 12% of CO2 correction shall be reference value for particulate matter emission standards for all 
categories of boilers.

2. These limits shall supercede the earlier limits notified under Schedule I at Sr.No.(34) of EPA, 
1986 (GSR 74E dated 30th August, 1990)

Stack Height

For dissipating and distributing the permitted load of Air pollutants stack of suitable height is to be provided so that particulate matter would spread over a wide area. The Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi evolved the following formula for calculation of stack height to be provided for small boilers in industrial installations. This shall be applicable for small boilers using coal or liquid fuels. 

H = 14 Q0.3

Where H = Total stack height in meters from ground level
Q = SO2 emission rate in kg/hr.

However, in no case the stack height shall be less than 11 meters.

Further, where providing tall stacks are not feasible using above formula the limit of 400 mg/Nm3 for SO2 emission shall be met by providing necessary control equipment with a minimum stack height of 11 meters.

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